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TIFS' pick and pack system can synchronise with your ecommerce site for same-day dispatch and online tracking. Get a consultation today.

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When you choose TIFS as your warehouse and distribution partner, you will feel confident that we will pick and pack your orders on time to keep your customers satisfied. TIFS' fast and accurate pick and pack system has been designed for maximum efficiency to get your goods where they need to be.

Our streamlined service synchronises with major e-commerce systems to cut out any delays, so our pick and pack team can immediately get to work fulfilling the delivery purchase. You'll be notified when orders are received and dispatched from our warehouse. We work with hundreds of companies to pick and pack orders for delivery anywhere in Australia and around the world. Let TIFS take the stress out of running your pick and pack needs.

  • Streamlined System
  • Same Day Dispatch
  • Online Tracking
  • Quality Control

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"TIFS' pick & pack system has been designed for maximum efficiency."

Pick and pack services



Our system can sync with your e-commerce store seamlessly. As your orders are received, our pick and pack team will fulfill checkout for immediate dispatch; so your customers will receive their orders faster.

Same Day Dispatch

We make sure that all confirmed orders are picked and packed within 24 hours; same day dispatch is available before specific cut-off times. We work with major transport companies to give you a choice of delivery method within your budget.


Once our warehouse pick and pack your orders, all dispatches from our distribution warehouse are tracked. Tracking details are available on our systems so your customers will never lose sight of their parcels.



Orders are processed as soon as it enters our system from your online store. Each step of the pick and pack process is monitored to make sure the packages are picked correctly whilst adhering to any special instructions.


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pick and pack services?

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TIFS has been providing quality 3PL services in Sydney for over 30 years. We pick and pack over 20 million items a year and can save you up to 20% on warehouse and distribution costs.

When you choose TIFS to pick and pack, and dispatch your goods, you'll also have a peace of mind that your orders are double checked before leaving our warehouse, as well as tracking the status of your delivery. We ship all orders within 24 hours when it enters our system.

Find out more about TIFS' pick and pack process and our other 3PL services in Sydney.
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